So to get this off my chest regarding SKK botlane;

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greyfox451 asked: He's aite,I wonder if they made a lplinseckackle LOL

LOL they should.. it’d get spammed alll day lol

rayet-areash asked: Mandu left SKK?

Mandu and Piglet both left SKK. Mandu is gonna retire, Piglet’s taking a break.

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greyfox451 asked: INSECCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, Ognkakacle

Well Insec is mainly living off his hype he hasn’t been top tier in Korea for a while now lol. 

greyfox451 asked: At most I expected a jungle swap to happen if they kept bengi,I guess Piglet can spread his wings now,free from a support that called it quits awhile ago.Even tho bengi did perform sub par,I don't think he deserves as much shit as he gets *cough Thooorin but,I think S5 might be the start of some good things,again,watch your ass Space LOL. chances of GBM and H0R0 showing up in NA/EU? I could probably see them going China if anything

still honestly don’t think SKK wanted to switch anything. They probably figured Mandu wanted to retire so they’d let that go and focus on their team again. 

I think there are a looooot more players that are thinking bout going to the west. Like rly all the kr players in the west right now are pretty average in Korea lol 

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greyfox451 asked: I expected Pooh to prob retire after you saying he's kinda worn out,I didn't expect Piglet to break off from SKT if anything I was expecting Bengi to get booted,but they will prob take the S botlane,CJ Piglet?WATCH YOUR ASS SPACE

Yeah same here. The Mandu thing was very easy to see if you really focused on him. The Piglet thing not.. And it’s really a shame how people assume Piglet was kicked out and take it as truth… He most likely left on his own accord, seeing his statement and how calm his reaction was (apparently said ‘don’t be surprised tomorrow’ on stream the day before it got announced).

And then they use that to bash on SKT and Bengi. Like give Bengi a little more time please.. He’s not been terrible. He looks terrible in comparison to what he was back in s3, godlike. It’s a shame no one EVER praised him for his awesome jungling skills and vision control in S3 because of the Faker hype. But now he’s underperforming ‘leave!!!’ zzz

But that aside.. CJ Piglet would really be awesome.. and if they don’t take him…man.. i don’t know… I mean Piglet did say PIGLIFE in his stream chat….

he’s probably. hinting.. something.. right


(to add to this delulu piglet and cj coach are close)


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only on wednesday and thirstday

ohhh i see thought it was everyday thanks ^^

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